Friday, 30 October 2009

Are you listening to your bike?

My bike has developed a new noise and I'm struggling to understand the language. It goes like this. I pedal, it goes "creeeeeeek". I pedal, it goes "creeeeeeeek". I pedal, it goes "creeeeeeeek".  I pedal fast, it goes "creeeeeeeeeek" faster. OK, that suggests it's the pedals or the chain. But then I kind of stand up on the pedals and it stops. I am led to the inevitable conclusion that it's my seat. But when I kind of wobble it, nothing happens. No creeking noise. I'm beginning to worry I might be alarming small children and unsuspecting cyclists with my new noise.

If only I was fluent in bike.


Kannan.V said...

Aahhhhhh, i had the same noise a couple of months ago, i oiled the pedal, the pedal shaft, gears and the freewheel mechanism and it vanished.

You could try this over the weekend :)

patchy said...

yes. it's a dirty bottom bracket. the solution is to clean your bike. :)

KarmaCycle said...

Ah ... oh dear ... somehow most things to do with biking come down to cleaning and maintaining them a bit better. OK, it's out with the oily rags and stuff this weekend then! Thanks for the tips Kannan and Patchy.