Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Is this lazy or a clever way of using social media tools? Discuss

I'm really busy at work ("Thank the Lord, he won't be blogging so much about stupid things like airing cupboards" is your relieved cry) so haven't had any head space (don't you hate that expression?) to think about blogs.

So - what do you think is important on our roads? I've got quite a few things swirling around my head that I'd like to blog about - how to say sorry, how to spot a celeb, the art of seeing old friends as you cyle, new ideas for lighting on bikes, how to cope with the cold, motorbikes in bike lanes ... and a host of other things. But perhaps these are not the things which bother/interest you.

Tell me your worries, moans, moments of joy ... or I'll get back to my agenda.


Paul said...

Lights sounds good, certainly timely as we move towards changing our clocks in the UK. In fact changing the clocks is also a pretty good one, what's its impact on cyclist safety I wonder?

muppix said...

"Motorbikes in bus lanes" caught my eye because motorbikes are my favourite form of transport. I also drive a car and have a class II HGV and - hopefully - as a result a fairly balanced view to other road users. Would love to hear your opinion.

KarmaCycle said...

Sorry I've been a bit slow at responding. I think the clocks thing Paul is really interesting and I think I'm going to say something about lights, as now most of us will be cycling home in the dark. Muppix - I think this is a really good one to invite views on - I've been reading quite a bit about the "issue" in the London Cycling Campaign mag which I get and I know they're against the idea ... but I'm not so sure. I can feel a new post coming on ... (!)