Monday, 2 November 2009

Every now and then, stop ... it'll make your commute much better

I've been meaning for a few days to stop and take a photo of Hyde Park. There's a particular spot where you just catch a glimpse into it and it looks like a paradise on earth, especially on a clear crisp day like today. Anyway - in spite of the fact that the bit where you have to pull over is tricky because it's on a fast road - and also annoying because it's right at the bottom of a hill so you have to start from scratch when you get going again, I did stop, and I did take a picture. It probably doesn't do it justice, but see what you think:

Note - saddle showing clear signs of wear and tear - see previous entries 
And while we're on interesting news - I spotted another person wearing a riding hat today. This time I'm pretty sure it was a real riding hat being used for cycling, rather than a fashionable cycling hat. And I spotted one of those really trendy hats I've talked about before. If you're wondering what the hell I'm on about, here's a link to previous entries on the topic.


muppix said...

"Note - saddle showing clear signs of wear and tear"

... and signs of being totally out of line with the rest of the bike. If it feels normal while riding, please post a picture of your spine as well - could be interesting! ;o)

JJ said...

I like the photo! I love getting glimpses of places like that.

KarmaCycle said...

Thanks guys ... I have a strange feeling (I hope) that the reason it looks out of line, Muppix, is because the handle bars are tilted slightly to one side as it's leaning against a fence. However, I will now check my bike when I get on it tonight to have a good look at the seat aligment ... interesting note - how would take a picture of your spine (?!)

JJ - thanks - I'll keep doing it then.

siancroberts said...

Hey KarmaCycle,
That's such a good idea to take photos of parts of your commute! I always marvel at how nice Kensington palace gardens look, and Green Park too, especially when it was all autumny and orange. I will be taking my camera in my jacket pocket from now on! I can get to work a bit late for a photo:)