Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cycling on the big roads ... is it allowed?

I'm never quite sure if you're allowed to cycle on the overpasses on the Marylebone Road/A40 as you head West. I can't see any signs which tell you not to, but it also seems like madness to be biking along next to what is effectively a motorway. This question will mean almost nothing to anyone who doesn't cycle in London (sorry US and other readers) but I wonder if anyone knows the answer?


Kannan.V said...

Had been in a similar situation a couple of times thinking should i or should i not...

thinking of the fast moving vehicles, it seems not a good idea to do so, but how else would i go across :)

Once i had been waiting at such a point for almost 15 minutes watching the traffic in an indecisive manner.

Hmm.. at-least am not alone :)

KarmaCycle said...

Indeed! The waiting for 15 minutes sounds a bit dangerous (!) - I hope you were somewhere safe. It's probably the quickest way to get to the Shepherd's Bush/White City area, but also probably the most dangerous ... so I guess the answer lies in whether you feel you want to take the risk. But it would also be interesting to find out if, under the Highway Code or whatever, you are actually permitted do so ... maybe I'll do some further research on this.