Monday, 21 February 2011

Boris bike users - an alternative user's guide?

I was struck - OK, let's face it, irritated - by a chap this morning who got on a Boris Bike and was taking the same route West through Tavistock Square etc as I was. Full credit to him for using two wheels. But the irritation was that at every traffic lights, while all of the rest of us queued like good people, he sauntered past in the other lane, coming to rest at the red light in front of us all. Lo and behold, when the light turned green, he gently ambled along, forcing everyone to overtake him. You guessed it, at the next lights, exactly the same thing again. A couple of people started ringing their bells in a very British way, but I suspect he had no idea that he was committing a classic cycling faux pas. The solution? Let's draw up some alternative Boris bike rules - the ones people really need to see. I need your help.


1) Unless you know for sure you're the fastest in a pack of cyclists, never go to the front of a queue at a traffic light
2) never rely on cars, taxis, vans or lorries to indicate. Assume they'll turn anyway
3) be nice and polite to fellow cyclists - it may mean you'll recieve similar treatment
4) ditto other traffic
5) Never try to outpace a fold-up bike. You will lose. (!)

any more for the list? Perhaps collectively we can come up with a definitive top ten.