Friday, 16 October 2009

Is it time for a change in EU law ... in order to dry cycling clothes?

I never could have predicted that this morning, not only was I talking to a total stranger on one of London's busiest roads, but I uttered the highly unlikely phrase:  

"Of course every workplace should be required by law to have an airing cupboard"

We were discussing the rather sudden onset of rain this morning (yup, it's a popular topic here in London, for fairly obvious reasons) and my fellow cyclist stated that that was the only thing that put him off cycling sometimes - having to get back into wet clothes when he left work at 6 in the evening. After a bit of a moan, we agreed that airing cupboards were clearly the way forward. I think this would be a tricky piece of legislation to pull off (any lawyers out there specialising in EU directives and legislation?) but perhaps if there's a groundswell of opinion, starting on the KarmaCycle blog, we could change the world. Or at least change our clothes. Into something dry. Here's a picture of a nice airing cupboard which is practically saying "please put your damp stinky cycling clothes inside me". Though it could do with some hooks. 

Sadly I haven't been mentioning this blog to all the lovely cyclists I meet on the roads. I'm thinking I should get a jacket with KarmaCycle written on the back. And a nice logo.

Sorry, my fonts have gone a bit crazy this morning - big, small, big - it's making me feel like Alice in Wonderland ...


Paul said...

We generally have a fine display of sweaty cycling gear, drying on the radiators in our office toilets. As a cyclist I enjoy checking out the labels, looking for clothing tips - but the rest of the punters probably don't look so kindly on the practice. Drying kit in shared spaces - low karma rating I fear.

KarmaCycle said...

I like your style Paul! A bit of sneaky peaking at what's hot on the streets of London. I guess the only problem is the smell. I don't really think my campaign will take off, but it was fun writing it!