Monday, 5 October 2009

Good British innovation spotted on the roads ...

As I battled the steady London drizzle on my bike this morning, I couldn't help but laugh when, as I passed through the back of Islington, the following arrangement:

- two ladies walking side by side
- one was pushing a wheelchair
- sitting on the wheelchair was a nice looking dog - probably a Jack Russell
- rigged above said dog's head was an umbrella held in place on the wheelchair

This reminded me of something I spotted on Friday as I was going over Old Street roundabout:

- man on normal looking bike
- strapped to the back of his bike was one of those posh wooden wine crates
- it was embossed with the very fine "Chateau de Beaucastel". A wine I've certainly tasted but almost equally certainly not tasted enough of.

I thought this was a great new way of carrying your stuff around on a bike. I suppose it's not impossible the guy actually had a few bottles of the great wine in there, though surely this would be a mad way of getting fine wine from spot A to spot B?

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