Friday, 2 October 2009

Being polite adds on another 5 minutes to your cycling commute

After yesterday's incident I was determined to cycle very politely and very considerately, especially on the canal. I also secretly hoped that I'd see both of the people I'd offended yesterday so I could either apologise or at least let them see that in fact I'm not a lycra lout. (I suspect they've completely forgotten about the whole thing by now and might be alarmed to see a strange looking man coming up and apologising out of the blue - but you never know).

I figured that taking extra care like this added a few minutes to my ride, but also made me feel a bit more relaxed. So on the whole, I think it's a good strategy. 

Tailgaiting through security

However, my karma levels were challenged again ("good grief, will he ever stop moaning?") when I was going through security at work. There is a big sign on the gate which says "no tailgaiting - do not let anyone else through". A fellow employee not only managed to get in behind me as I was getting ready to close the gate, but then cycled off as I was trying to get back on to my bike. It made me feel like he'd abused my trust and then didn't even have the patience to let me go first. Take deep breaths and say after me: "In with love, out with hate."

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