Friday, 27 November 2009

The vulnerable alien - an update

I know you've all been hopping with curiosity to see what my broken light referred to in previous entries actually looks like. Do you think it has a bit of vulnerable alien to it?

Maybe it's just when it blinks a bit pathetically that it's more like a living being ...


muppix said...

No way - I had the same light! Mine died from a mysterious illness; no obvious signs of damage or water ingress, but it just wont turn on any more. I now have a Knog Frog and a Hope Vision 1 but am miffed that the Cat-Eye is dead without me even doing anything to it. Do you want the covers from mine?

KarmaCycle said...

That's a very kind offer, Muppix - I fear that the bulb bits have been rather damaged and I'm not sure it would hold, even with a newer bit of casing - but thanks very much all the same!
I don't know anything about Hope Vision, but I'm intrigued and will check it out online. Cheers.