Thursday, 26 November 2009

My bike started going down the drain ... literally

I don't like to alarm folk unduly but I have another hazard to add to the list of adversities us cyclists face. Drains.

I was leaving work in all innocence last night, just coming out of the exit and on to the main road. I pushed to go off and suddenly, clunk! I was stuck and had suffered a really painful blow to the parts of me which don't want a painful blow. I looked down, suspecting I must have fallen into an enormous pot-hole. But no - I was stuck in the drain!

Light of day

I went back to the scene of the crime this morning to provide documentary evidence for you, dear readers. Although in the cold light of day the drain looks quite innocent, you can quite clearly see that there's a gap in it almost specifically designed to take a bike wheel:

And of course I had to prove a wheel fits in, so here's the evidence:

So on the scale of human suffering, it's not a big deal - but do watch out, fellow cyclists, the drains want to eat you!


Paul said...

A lucky escape - the angle and location of that slit couldn't be worse. Coincidentally this was today's funny picture, on my funny picture widget.

Kate Skellern said...

I have recently had a similar experience with what can only be described as a 'Victorian drain' with the slit perfectly aligned to the direction of travel. Admittedly it was tucked neatly in the curb but as an ambitious cyclist when it comes to undertaking static traffic - I was using every spare bit of tarmac... needless to say I think I share the symptomatic groinal bruising that such an incident incurs...

Roderic said...

You are obviously right out of touch with reality. I am in the business of storm drainage (amongst other things) and I can quite categorically state that the offending item is NOT in fact a drainage cover. It is in fact a BIKE STAND which has been conveniently placed there at the side of the road, using your tax funds, just so you environmentally friendly bike artists will have a place to stick your bike when you need a rest. So there.

KarmaCycle said...

Ah, Roderic - now I finally get it! Actually then, quite thoughtful of the town planners ... my whole view of road systems is changed! Good stuff.