Monday, 16 November 2009

What the hell do you wear on a bike in this London weather?

I spent about half the journey this morning wishing I had worn just a T-Shirt (and shorts of course), then the rest wondering why on earth I didn't put on more waterproofs. It's always a bad sign when you're cycling along, clad in full winter regalia (waterproof jacket, several layers, a wooly neck thing to stop the wind getting in etc) and you spot a large group of travellers wearing shorts and T-Shirts and looking very comfortable. Then you notice that you're sweating rather more than you expected.

Then, as I approached Notting Hill Gate, the heavens opened and I was glad of my heavy wear, but wishing I had a bit more of it.

I'm not sure quite what the answer is. There's a secret part of me that actually rather likes getting a good soaking (I think it must be related to my days running around school playing fields in my youth) so I'm the type who likes wearing less as getting too hot is about my worst state.  I suspect there are some "miracle" materials which allow you to wear the minimum yet stay dry and warm. And I suspect that a few of you out there are going to recommend some of them. And I suspect I'll be quite pleased and really want to buy them but then be put off by the price.


muppix said...

What's that old saying? There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing. :o)

KarmaCycle said...

Yup ... I felt like that again today Muppix! There was some pretty heavy wrong clothing going on! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah got the same problem. I was looking for some waterproof breathable clothing that was going to make me look nice walking into the office.
Been looking around quite a bit then I found a motorcycle clothing brand (ahhhh!!) than make some nice products. My jacket is very light and came with elbow protections...not a bad idea really...
Bought it online. Check for Tucanji jacket.