Monday, 16 November 2009

What to do in a puddle?

And while I'm on - as it were - I'm never quite sure what to do when you have no option but to go through an enormous puddle. This one is not from these parts (New Zealand in fact) but gives the idea:

I supect the only thing to do is:

- slow down
- try to keep your feet as far away from the water as possible (so your peddles are parallel with the ground)
- go back to being a kid and stick your feet out in front of you
- or just get wet

Of course the big extra danger here is that if you haven't got a rear mudguard, the water will go all over your back and your bags, if you have them. The answer? Sadly inevitable - get a rear mudguard. Although I've singularly failed to take my own advice so far.

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