Friday, 28 May 2010

Possibly the worst place for a cute bunch of ducklings to roost - the towpath

You would have thought a group of young ducks would have enough to worry about without their parent deciding that the canal towpath is clearly the "des res" of the decade. I'm pleased to say that as I cycled up to this group, all the cyclists were slowing down and giving them a wide berth - as were the pedestrians who all stopped to have a good look. The ducks seemed completely oblivious to any danger and didn't seem to move an inch when a bike went past. I'm hoping that soon the whole family will decide they need a swim and chose somewhere a bit quieter for their rests.
I suppose it could have been worse - on one of London's new "bike superhighways" or ... the fast lane of the M25.


Ella Thomas said...

what's all this about bike superhighways? Living down in the country, this is something I am yet to be aware of. Does Karma Cycle have any pictures of these alleged bicycle motorways? they sound like a good idea if it means less cars on the road. Can we have one down Oxford Street?

KarmaCycle said...

Ah ... well, the idea is that certain bits of road have a big blue patch painted on the side which cyclists can use. Here's the explanation at Transport for London:
There's a good article with pic in the Times here:
re one down Oxford Street - yes! Only the whole road should be blue, not just at the side!

Lady VĂ©lo said...

Found your blog via the power of Twitter :)
They are too cute - I expect they have moved-on since this post...?


KarmaCycle said...

Yes - I saw your blog via the same means! I will now look at it regularly. Yes, the ducks have moved on - probably got a lot bigger, assuming they didn't get run over (I can't believe I said that). There is a nice ramp they can get access to the canal from there I discovered which is why they like that spot ... thanks for visiting - come often, and comment!