Monday, 24 May 2010

How to keep cool on your bike in this London heatwave

30 degrees, they say. I've just come from a meeting and had ten minutes outside. I nearly fainted with heat and I'm not doing any excercise. On your bike, you're generally a bit cooler because the wind is like a fan. But what else can the cyclist do?

1. Carry a bucket of ice around on your bike and plunge your head into it at every traffic lights:

2. The bucket might not be practical. You have to find a balance between stripping off (ooooh, sunburn horror) and wearing too many clothes (ooooh, way too hot). I find loose clothing best
3. Have a rest more often. Preferably under a tree.
4. Consider carrying an extra water bottle of some kind. I get through my normal one before I get half way home in heat like today's
5. Cool down the pace
6. It's a good opportunity, if you don't normally wear one, to put on your helmet. It protects you from the sun as well as the roads
7. Consider a hankerchief or something to put on the back of your neck - if you wet it, it will keep you nice and cool, and stop the sunburn

Has anyone else tried anything?


Catherine W said...

My favourite trick is to freeze the water in your water bottle (by putting it in the freezer). Take it out just before you set off - the water melts as you pedal giving you ice cold water for your whole journey! It's a better for long journeys as it takes a while for enough ice to melt to give you a proper drink!

KarmaCycle said...

Hey now there's an idea and a half! Come on everyone, rush that water bottle to the freezer now! I'm going to right now. Thanks Catherine!

KarmaCycle said...

It's now in the freezer. Let's hope I remember it.