Friday, 21 May 2010

Glory, Glory ... and talking to strangers on bikes in London

Days like today are what cycling was invented for. A perfect sunny day but not boiling hot. It was all I could do to stop myself greeting every fellow cyclist with a cheery wave and a "good morning" ... actually perhaps I should start that and see what happens. Somehow the idea that you can actually talk to a fellow cyclist seems a bit unlikely. Have you guys ever tried it? As documented in blog posts past, cyclists do occasionally exchange words with strangers - but it's normally when the weather is extreme - snow or driving rain.  But when it's sunny? Come on cyclists - did you talk to a stranger today? Confess.


Kannan.V said...

I would love to do that too.. its just that the traffic lights turn green and you have to break off abruptly.... that's what I hate ;)


KarmaCycle said...

Yes, I know that - you feel a bit crap as you leave the person in mid flow. There's an art, I guess, to timing your opening remarks to the moment the light has turned red - and making sure the light is a long one. (There are plenty of those in London)!