Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The strange case of the exploding Brompton tyre

I was chatting to a friend at work yesterday and he relayed a strange story. He does a commute into work on his Brompton, then folds the thing up and parks it in his office.  He said that - for the SECOND TIME - a tyre exploded in the office with a pretty loud bang, somewhat alarming co-workers in the area.

The explanation, he says, is that a shard of glass had probably become embedded in the tyre earlier that morning. Then, as the bike warmed up in the nice cosy office, the pressure built up, culminating in a big bang. Apparently the pressure on a Brompton is pretty high anyway. No idea why, but possibly it needs to be for such tiny wheels.

Anyway - rather alarming but fascinating. Any one else had an exploding tyre in the office before? (!)



Anonymous said...

It just happened to me! Same thing, bike under under desk, folded up - BANG, everyone looks round, Gareth thinks he got shot - I've got a flat rear tyre.

KarmaCycle said...

Aha! Good to hear that my friend is not alone! I think this constitutes a ... trend (!)

Thanks for posting - I'll send the link to my chum. KC