Thursday, 25 February 2010

Never, ever take the tube ...

I made a vow to myself yesterday. "I'll never take the tube again." I needed to go by tube for complex reasons, and found myself trying to get on to the Central Line. I waited for train after train after train, all packed. I could feel the stress taking over my body. I found myself muttering out loud. I wanted to scream with frustration. Other people waiting by other doors seemed to be getting on far quicker than me. Mine was the worst place to wait on the whole platform. Is this just what everyone goes through every day? How could anyone not cyle???

Needless to say, because of odd timings and work committments, I had to take the tube again today, so I broke that vow (not good for Lent, I know).

But I'm longing to be back on the bike tomorrow.


Kannan.V said...

haaaa.... am not alone :)

I make all the efforts to avoid the tube at all costs, and been in exactly the same situation waiting endlessly for the red train to give me some space to sneak in, which after a while ended up in a walk to my destination.

Choclette said...

So glad I don't have to do the tube much these days. On my rare trips to London I remember all over again how much I used to hate commuting. It's good to see a cycling blog. I used to be an activist belonging to our local cycle campaign, but haven't been on a bike for years now. Our house too small to get bikes in and out of. We revisit the idea of folding bikes from time to time, but even these are impractical! Now I'm living back in Cornwall you don't actually see many cyclists - it's too damn hilly!

KarmaCycle said...

Hi Kannan - yup, I know that feeling too well! Mind you, if it's close enough to walk, then it's close enough to bike ... (!)

Choclette - welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about cyling in the West Country - I went down to Devon and biked from Exeter station to a house about 45 minutes away - it nearly finished me off after being used to the comparative flatness of London. And Cornwall's even hillier.

I took the liberty of looking at your blog - much respect! Made me very hungry looking at it, especially after my bike ride!