Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Example of poor cycling

I've been mucking about with a camera on my helmet. You'll have to forgive the very poor editing but I thought I would show you this incident where a cyclist just pulled out right in front of me. Bear in mind I was wearing a very bright reflective sash, and had a light with brand new batteries flashing - and that he actually looked at me before manoeuvering right into my path. Nice work! I don't want to moan - I must say at the time I almost found it funny because it was so blatantly silly.


Sabata! said...

Yes that happens a lot. What sort of camera did you use and how did you attach it?

KarmaCycle said...

Hi Sabata. That's a good question. It's a very cool little Chinese thing, with no brand name - my brother in law gave it to me. It's no bigger than a thumb and comes with a mounting device - which I basically strapped onto the helmet with cable ties. I'll dig out the instructions tonight and see if I can find out a bit more - I really like it. It has an 8gb flash card, and claims to be able to take two hours worth of video at a go - but I find it only does about 45 mins before the battery runs out. If I'm clever, I'll take a picture of it mounted on my helmet. So to speak. Cheers, KC