Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Penguin feet - for Nat

I said I'd post up evidence of how much I look like a penguin when I wear my new waterproof overshoes ... (see "How to Waterproof your feet"). Well, in some secret recording in the shower room, here's evidence taken by me looking down at my feet. Or should I say - flippers:


Natalie said...

That is the best blog post I have ever seen in my life!! It literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks for cheering me up on a gloomy day.

And you're right. They do make you look a little bit Pingu.


KarmaCycle said...

Aha! It made me laugh too. You know how when you see a poster for a film or play it has some outrageous quote "the best thing since sliced bread" - well, perhaps I'll use your comment there to put on the top of my blog as I kind of clever marketing device ... thanks. My Dad, who now reads this blog, will wonder what on earth is going on ... nice to hear from you.