Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What are the signs of unfitness?

OK, so I'm finally back "in the saddle" after two weeks of holiday. Little or no cycling in the last fortnight, so I was intrigued to find out how much my fitness had declined.

First odd sign: the bike felt strangely wobbly when I got back on. A guess an indication that my balance has deteriorated a little.

Next thing I noticed: a definite lack of breath, feeling a bit puffed after only a little cycling down the canal. It all felt a little more of an effort, and I certainly couldn't pick up the kind of speeds I am used to. I determined to retain a bit of that holiday spirit and take it a bit easy, enjoying the scenery etc.

Slight muscle twinges ... yes, a definite feeling that the old muscles were being asked to do something new, and that if I was to do something very quick or unexpected, I'd probably pull something.

But the competitive spirit is hard to suppress ..

It's a bit sad isn't it ... I'm only back for a minute or two, and I instantly feel that slight sense of "Hey, how come he's going faster than me?" ... "I'd better speed up and I'll show who's quickest...". How childish and silly, but I suspect I'm not alone. I have to consciously try to suppress this instinct.

Karma rating? *****

Great to be cycling again, and great to be having some decent excercise.

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