Thursday, 17 September 2009

Is it possible to overcome an irrational hatred for a fellow cyclist?

Does anyone else get this? Another cyclist does something (normally bad) and you develop an instant - and totally irrational - but big - feeling of intense dislike?

It happened this morning on my morning commute - I had stopped at a pedestrian crossing to let a few people over, and this guy wearing an orange jumper (a cyclist, of course) careered over the crossing at top speed, dodging the pedestrians as he went. I just thought - "what a selfish git" or words to that effect - and found myself dwelling on how annoying he is for a large part of the rest of my journey.

What to do? I suppose the grown-up thing to do is have a word with him immediately afterwards, but this is likely to end in a big row and frankly you don't need that first thing. In the end, I think I'd just about reached a state of some karmic equality by thinking that this could have been his first trip along that road, perhaps even in London - he could have not known there would be a crossing and not corrected himself in time - and I did later spot him waiting very nicely at some other red lights, so he's clearly not a monster.

In fact, I almost like him. No, let's not go that far. He's clearly not a good cyclist, but it's never worth the energy of hating ...

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