Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cycling and feelings about the Tube

For complex reasons, I didn't bike in to work today. I've developed a theory - the more you bike, the more you can actually tolerate (I won't go as far as to say "like") the tube. There's a novelty about it and I quite enjoy doing a bit of people-watching. And you're not completely knackered at the end of it.

I never thought I'd hear myself advocating tube travel - but once in a while it's just about bearable.


Anonymous said...

What is your advice / opinions on cycling while listening to an mp3 or ipod?


KarmaCycle said...

I know this is a controversial one as a LOT of London cyclists do listen to stuff as they cycle. My own view is that anything which limits any of your senses while you're biking is dangerous and shouldn't be done. I'm a sort of "you need your wits about you" kind of person ... and if you're in some kind of music trance, you just might miss something which could be the difference between being injured or not.

I suppose it's possible to listen "at low volume" but I would still go back to the principle that it limits your senses and that's bad.

Wow, I didn't realise I felt so strongly about it ... what does anyone else think?

Dreich said...

I like to listen to music whilst I walk and have tried it with cycling but like you say I find it a bit of a distraction to what I should be paying attention too. Not just due to the music but also the leads to the headphones are really annoying when cycling.

KarmaCycle said...

Thanks Dreich - sorry about taking so long to respond - I agree. Though I was looking out for it a bit this morning and noticed quite a bit of headphone wearing going on. Of course what we don't know is - are they listening to anything loud, or indeed anything at all? Could just be a thing to say to others "don't talk to me, I'm busy" - like on the tube!