Wednesday, 16 September 2009

How to get into your house when you've taken a soaking on your bike

There are few things more miserable than putting on wet shoes the day after a soaking. That happenned to me this morning and ... it was misery.

When I arrived home last night I found myself a bit paralised because I couldn't work out whether there was a way of getting me and the bike through the house without causing maximum wetness all over the house. But even as I thought about it on the doormat, I realised I was already contributing to the flooding of the house.

I then reluctantly decided the only thing to do (and for all sensitive readers, please look away now) is to take off all your clothes very quickly, grab anything like a towel (dishcloth can work) and stand on that. It helps if you have a lovely wife or husband who can hand over said implement. Put all wet clothes straight in the washing machine while using above-mentioned towel/cloth to shuffle along the floor so as not to drip. Then, find proper towel and dry clothes.

This method is not recommended if important guests are visiting including, for example, parents-in-law or
new friends. The behaviour could be deemed eccentric.

I am still unclear though how you're meant to dry off your boots/shoes - I placed mine up against an admittedly cold radiator so they would "drain" - but overnight this had pretty much zero effect.

Anyway, as ever, keen to hear some tips!


Chris Kimber said...

Stuff the wet shoes with balls of old newspaper. Replace after a few hours with dry paper. It's an old trick, but it does seem to work.

KarmaCycle said...

Nice one - I'll give it a go next time!