Monday, 24 August 2009

Isle of Wight Cycling

I regret to say that despite spending a week on the Isle of Wight, I failed to spend a single moment on a bicycle. Having said that, I had a damn good holiday. But I got a good feel of what it's like to cycle on the island - and it certainly seemed like a cycling paradise. (BTW - this picture is not anything to do with me, but thought it gave an impression of what it's like).

For a start, the speed limit is almost everywhere limited to 40 mph, so you don't feel quite as threatened on the big roads. Drivers are generally much more polite and thoughtful than on the mainland. But here's the really exciting thing:

There's a "secret" network of cycle lanes all over the island.

For example, we were staying in Cowes. It turns out that you can follow the route of the old steam railway all the way from Cowes to Sandown on the other side of the island. While I was in the car, I kept seeing cyclists disappearing down little leafy alleyways.

This site seems to list many of the good rides, for those interested:

Anyway - it's not strictly about London cycling, this post, but it's worth thinking about a cycling holiday on the Isle of Wight.

And ...

There's a big cycling festival coming up there in September ... any more excuse to get out of London needed?

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