Thursday, 6 August 2009

I didn't know I was a hippy until a taxi driver started swearing at me

I guess it wasn't an atypical situation. Location: the very difficult junction at Gray's Inn Road and Theobald's Road. Loads of cyclists, loads of cars. Somehow, a taxi swerves outwards slightly and nearly touches a Volvo. Volvo owner goes beserk and the two cars go side by side down Thebald's Road shouting at the top of their lungs at each other.

Muggins here (for it is he) then calmly passes the taxi after he's finished venting ... only to suffer a volley of abuse from the taxi driver: "it was you - you were the reason I had to swerve in the first place you ****$%@***" and more in that vein. Some of me felt it then should have been my turn to find another cyclist and start shouting "and you - you were the reason I had to swerve" but for some inexplicable reason, all I could think of to say back to the taxi driver was "Don't spread the hate." I've never used that expression in my life, nor do I really know what it means. But every time the taxi driver said something else, I repeated this mantra.

Very odd to discover that deep in your psyche you're a hippy.

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