Monday, 17 January 2011

Quietly coming back to life

I'm just really sneaking in a post to keep my blog from getting the digital equivalent of cobwebs and to let you know that karmacycle is still alive and well, cycling through London. As ever, I've been tweeting more than blogging but it is nice to come "home" to the blog every now and then.

Like thousands of Londoners at this very moment, I'm hoping my bike clothes might just dry out before tonight, after a nearly biblical soaking this morning. If you're in the mood, and know you have the means to get dry later, riding in the rain is one of life's great pleasures. You feel a bit like you're at the helm of a fast ocean-going vessel in the driving force 9 gale, sea lashing at your face.

All I need is a sou'wester to complete the picture.

A bientot, mes braves.


ibikelondon said...

Hoorah! Nice to have you back amongst us, keep it up!

KarmaCycle said...

Thanks mate - I'll try to! Ta. KC