Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Extreme nose blowing and a new invention - the "third sock"

This is a compilation of odd observations: 

* Up til this morning, I have never seen a person blow their nose on a leaf.

* In the park, I saw a couple - on two bikes - holding hands as they biked along. Dangerous, but nice.

* And strangest of all. I saw a police car flagging down a car which had gone late through red lights. Fancy that - the police actually stopping a car for a minor traffic infringement.

~ I also have a tricky question. A certain rather delicate part of me got pretty much frozen on my way in this morning. I'm wondering if anyone has yet invented a ... "third sock"?~


Anonymous said...

Yes, they come in boxers or briefs.

KarmaCycle said...

Aha ... nice point. My cycling shorts rather let me down today. Will have to go for something warmer ...

Anonymous said...

Saw this mentioned on another cycling forum and it made me think of your post:

Behold the "third sock" -- .

(Please note that I am in no way claiming to have used the above mentioned product nor should my mention of it be read in anyway to imply that I am condoning its use. (I think anyone using one probably feels he has something to prove. First you're using the thermajock next you're being stopped at airport security because of your foil wrapped cucumber.))

KarmaCycle said...

Anon - that might be the funniest link I've ever been sent! Thanks so much. It's amazing isn't it. You think of preposterous invention which no-one would ever dream of creating. Then, hey presto, a website is selling it. Classic. Thanks so much. I hope you don't mind if I tweet the link around a bit - it deserves further dissemination. If you'll forgive the use of that word.