Thursday, 27 January 2011

A very strange digital and real life biking coincidence ....

There are few things more tedious than someone boring you about an amazing coincidence. Bumped into your boss in the Amazon rain forest etc etc. But I'll just test you out on this one to see what you think, then you can ignore me.

I have a friend. Let's call him Ed. Because that's his name. I haven't talked to him for about 12 years. I know he's a cyclist though as I did see him in the distance about 3 years ago, in London.  Two days ago, via another friend, I spotted his name on Linked In. I asked to be in contact and said "hope we can talk - perhaps we'll see each other on our bikes".

Well, you guessed it. This morning, in Notting Hill Gate (why does everything happen in NHG?), who should I see coming towards me, on his bike, but ... Ed. And we stopped, and we chatted, and we remarked on the coincidence.

That's one of the reasons I love biking. The people you see and meet. And I think that's a pretty decent coincidence.  You got any biking coincidences up your collective lycra sleeves?


Anonymous said...

That's still not as good as meeting your boss in the Amazon rain forest!

KarmaCycle said...

You're right ... I'll get my coat (!).