Thursday, 21 October 2010

Don't go in the bike lane. Bring the bike lane with you.

This is such an interesting idea - almost certainly completely impractical, but what do you think?

The bike lane that travels with you. Source
Thanks to @nextbikerider for pointing this one out.

Wanted to show you cute Halloween kitten too but clearly my internal editing system has decided that it's not relevant to the blog and should not be uploaded!


Paul said...

Does he have to share that with motorbikes? (for London cyclists)

KarmaCycle said...

ha ha - yes, it does look a bit like an open invitation, doesn't it?!

Kim said...

I find that a Dinotte 400L is just as effective and it is available now!

KarmaCycle said...

Thanks Kim - the photo on your blog is glorious - they really do look like good lights, so thanks for sharing. Also, glad to have found your blog - and annoying I hadn't discovered it before!