Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cycling tip du jour - fixing a nut underneath your mudguard

The nuts and bolts holding on my mudguards seem to fall off like leaves from an autumn tree. It's got more common since I've been pumping up my tyres harder - and I rattle around like a marble in a tumble drier. I was baffled as to how on earth I could insert and tighten a missing screw right above my rear wheel - without taking off the whole wheel.

Source: the local data company
The lovely guys at Cavendish Cycles (134-136 New Cavendish Street) showed me how:

  1. Place bike on bike stand, or turn upside down. 
  2. Let out air from tyre. 
  3. Insert screw and nut and tighten using longish allen key or equivalent as there's now room to get at it.
  4. Re-inflate tyre. Ride off, feeling happy.

They also play 6Music in the shop, for which they should immediately get a gold medal for services to cyclists.

Curious fact: I can't actually find a website for Cavendish cycles. Perhaps they don't have one?


muppix said...

While you're in there, fit either a nylock nut or a regular one with some added threadlock. Hopefully that'll be the last time you do this.

KarmaCycle said...

Muppix, you are a genius! Every time I think I'm getting to grips with biking gear, I suddenly realise there are a million things I've never heard of. Nyclocks ... they're almost certainly the answer to my mudguard irritations, so thanks.

It's the good thing about these tips - tips lead to tips.