Friday, 25 June 2010

Still a bit of confusion over "two tings" bike guidance on the Regent's Canal, London

I had a funny experience on the canal this morning which I can share with you as I had helmet cam on. Being the good citizen I now am, I was dutifully tinging away as I made my merry way down the canal in the beautiful sunshine.

I went past the two lady joggers you see first with no problem. But when it came to the men - well, it was just odd that the reaction on hearing the tings was to run diagonally across the path. I kind of guess he was thinking "I have to get out of the way" while I was thinking "I'm just warning them I'm here". I sort of think this is probably the source of all canal conflict. In fact it's probably how most wars are started - unclear intentions and misinterpretion. Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that usually happens to me and it makes me feel very uncomfortable as more often than not, there was no need for them to move :/

Oh well, ce la vie

KarmaCycle said...

Yes - and that makes me reluctant to ting at all sometimes... perhaps we should invent a two-tone ringer - one just to say you're there, and one to tell someone they need to take action. Nah, won't catch on ...