Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Chicken bike, a cool bike wine label, and the best graffiti I've ever seen ...

I don't want to chat much today, so I'll just pop up some photos - which are better than a thousand words. Perhaps even ten.

I drank this bottle (not alone!) and loved the label:
Wine is l'echappee du ventoux by Paul Jaboulet - from the Wine Society - design due to fact that Tour de France goes past the vineyards

Next, a bike dressed a chicken (I thought it was an owl at first) at the Hackney City Farm The guys there tell me that when you pedal, you power a TV and sound system. I guess the chickeny part of the concept is a clever joke about battery hen farming ... or possibly just because it's more fun like that

Chicken bike:

The chicken bike also generates leccy

Finally, the graffiti - nothing really to do with biking, but I spotted it while on my bike at the top of City Road up at Islington in London. So beautifully, judged, in my opinion. The ad is sort of begging for someone to write something in that huge white space. And this person, whoever it was, did not hesitate
Make a Statement graffiti:

Hope you can see the "addition"
I took a close up too for those who can't see the above: 


Carl said...

Like that bottle. Looks eminently drinkable!

KarmaCycle said...

I can confirm that it was delicious. And I'm not just being biased because it has a pretty picture - it was good on its own merit. Sounds like I'm getting a commission, doesn't it. If only! Had a mad idea that I should start trying to sell it at bike shows ... but like most of my great ideas, I know I'll never do it!