Friday, 16 April 2010

Volcanic ash making London quieter?

I keep expecting to breathe in gobfuls of Icelandic ash, which is apparently spewing out of a volcano and blanketing Northern Europe in dust.

Well, the net effect for me is - there are no planes, and London is suddenly quiet! It's rather lovely. (sorry, people who were booked on once-in-a-lifetime holiday taking off today).

In other news, I'm now back on my first ever London commuting bike - my brilliant bro in law converted it, a few years back, to a one-speed after the gears got knackered and I knew I was getting a new bike.

Having tuned it a bit and pumped up the tyres, I'm quite enjoying being on fat wheels, with wide handle-bars, quite unable to go fast down hills ... it's a good way of enjoying a quiet London.

In case anyone's wondering what the hell I'm going on about - ash, Iceland etc - all planes in the UK are currently grounded due to volcanic ash in the atmosphere - see BBC News, for example.

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Paul said...

I know what you mean. It sounds pretty dumb, but I hadn't realised the constant stream of 747s flying over my head was in fact very noisy.