Monday, 1 March 2010

The roundabout of death

This morning I risked the roundabout of death. Some of you may know it - it's a very very strange cycle path which runs along the edge of a roundabout on the edge of Victoria Park - intersecting Grove Road and the Old Ford Road. The main problem with it is that you're actually going the opposite way to traffic, and traffic does not expect you to be crossing their path just as they're trying to turn left off the roundabout.

Thanks to helmet cam, I took a shot of myself traversing it. It looks quite benign in the video as there were no cars coming either way - but hopefully you can get the idea of how dangerous it is.

Here's how you can find it
View Larger Map And here's my rather crappy video from my helmet. Again, apologies for the editing - still not quite there yet.

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JJ said...

Oh no! I never use that bit. I either use the zebra crossing (stopping and waiting, not zooming across) like they used to have you do or go all the way around like a car.

As a driver, it's really scary when bikes jump out from there, too. And it drives me nuts when idiots with pushchairs - walking, not riding, obv - saunter across.