Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New canal-side cafe opens ... will it be used?

Very excited to see a new cafe on the Regent's Canal between Victoria Park and Islington. It seemed to be called "The Towpath". I'm guessing you buy a coffee or croissant and then ... cycle off? Or maybe stop for a few minutes. Perhaps not great if you're commuting, but you could see that if you're taking a leisurely stroll or cycle, it could be very nice.

Needless to say, I took some video as I went past.

Has anyone else spotted this, or indeed used it?


cyclenit said...

well i did look for it today but suspect it is on part of the towpath which is roped off - or did i cycle past without noticing? would love a coffee and a croissant

KarmaCycle said...

Hi cyclenit, welcome to the blog - to be honest, the cafe seems to have a life of its own - I went past the other morning and it was closed. I'll make a little vow - next time I go past and it's open, I'll ask some questions. Like - is it aimed at cyclists? When is it open? Are we supposed to take stuff away, or eat there? How much do things cost?

And yes, that's the other thing - the canal is closed just East of the cafe so their passing trade must be severely reduced.

tim_g said...

there was a review of this place in the new time out