Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The thingameebob got my day off to a bad start

Do you ever get this? You're cycling and it feels like you're going through treacle? So hard to peddle ... well it was like that last night. I did manage to limp home, thinking it was probably just me being a bit unfit or something. But when I wheeled it through the house to the shed, I saw and felt that it really was sticking - the front brake pad was stuck against the wheel. This morning I thought I'd twist a couple of screws to restore it - but then I realised the thingameebob seemed to be loose and the bit of wire which holds the pad away from the wheel could not be tightened.

Realising I would not be able to attempt the repair, I did a hasty change into my "work" clothes which I'd carefully folded up into the paniers and took the miserable Central Line. Somehow when you're all geared it, it's really frustrating when you can't cycle.

I'm going to ask my very kind and knowledgeable brother in law tonight what the thingameebob actually is and what it's real name is. An update later.

PS Sorry Nat - no picture of Penguin effect as I didn't get to wear my funny leg things today.

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Natalie said...

You're not getting out of it that easily KC! I await with baited breath.