Saturday, 3 September 2011

Reebok white kids bike stolen today

My daughter's nearly new bike got stolen today - from Broadway Market in London. Here's what the bike looks like:

I've put my post code in several places on the bike. Most likely it will turn up on EBay or Gumtree, and I'll have a look around the local markets. It's registered with the police, and reported as stolen.

I'd be very grateful though if people could look out for it on the web.

A little tip if anyone's parking their bike near Broadway Market. Don't go too far down the canal (West) down Regent's Row. There are less people there, making it easier for the bastard thieves to take bikes quickly without being seen.

Oh - and remember that kids bikes are worth money too - I was stupid to have gotten a bit blase about the fact that it was a child's bike and so didn't need so much security.

Thanks so much if you can help. KC

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