Thursday, 3 December 2009

Neck cagoule - the answer to the cold

It's got cold on the mean streets of London. Cycling is more challenging. The best item I think I've ever bought for the cold (apart from the obvious - gloves, something to go on your legs, waterproof jacket) - is a neck cagoule from Mountain Equipment Co-Op in Canada. It's cheap but it just keeps your neck brilliantly cosy.

Just spotted that they're sometimes called neck gaitors, or neck warmers. This is the kind of thing I mean:


Anonymous said...

My husband's got a neck gaiter - he wears it instead of a scarf. He lives in Western Canada (with me) where today we had a snow blizzard - not too cold at -7 but around a foot of snow (and that was just what had fallen by lunchtime!). I always smile when I see cyclists out in this weather (I’m not brave enough for it and have now become a fair weather cyclist). Even with the terrible conditions we had today I saw a few cyclists downtown. Absolutely mental! The cars were veering all over the place, tyres spinning and spitting snow everywhere, and then you’d see a cyclist just calmly cruising on by! I very rarely use the word awesome that is so very much favoured by my Canadian friends, but today when I saw those cyclists it was the first word that sprang to mind. Well, that and bloody mad!

Natalie said...

That looks great - kind of like a skinny snood - or am I showing my age there..?

KarmaCycle said...

Anonymous - thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog ... I love that image of cyclists going serenely on while all about is snowy madness. I've got to admit I fear the snow, and especially ice. But my tyres are all wrong for that kind of bad weather and maybe if I had some super thick ones, it would be different.

Nat - sorry, snood means nothing to me. It does, however, sound like some of the characters in the Finnish stories, the Moomins, which I love! Do you know them?